24 Watt LED Flush Fit Led Spot Lights Work Reverse Pair Osram Lenses

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LR Challenge 4×4

Brand New

In stock for delivery

Brilliant quality and extremely bright

Osram 4D smoked lenses, match our 4D light bars,

Great mounting brackets, flush fit

Square modern design with black soround and dark osram lenses, these really do look the part, but work incredibly well. So bright.

Great design with a very small power draw at only 0.8 amps, compare that to a number plate bulb at 1.3 amp you can use these with out worrying about draining your battery while the cars off.

Work light with adjustable bracket

Listing for pair of lights

They fit perfect and look stunning, coming with brackets and fixing, just bolt it on and flick the switch. With dark nights coming you will think its daylight with these work lights.

I ordered these as I need 1 for our latest 110 restoration, this is not a cheap copy, this is great kit, worth the extra. This is not the cheap nasty model, this is the epistar high power model.

Very strong and well made. Sold more than 150 of this make snorkels led lights etc in the last few weeks, don’t take my word for it check my feed back see what everyone else thinks of them,

these are a great quality and fantastic looking lights

easy to install with very little alterations needed,

Ill happily to give any advise or knowledge towards fitting etc.


if ordered before 9am this will be collected the same day.

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We also stock many other snorkels for other 4×4

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Nissan pathfinder

etc etc

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Brand New

Will happily send outside the uk, but please ask for a quotation before ordering.


If for any reason you wish to return the lights back with in 14 days, I will happily give you a full refund, once I receive it back.

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