3'' safari style snorkel top Ram Great quality Fits most snorkels Jimny Pajero

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LR Challenge 4×4

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safari style snorkel top

We also have the larger 3.5” snorkel tops please ask or see our other items

As in the first few pictures, this is designed for safari style snorkels I sell, the diameter is internal 3”. These will fit most safari style snorkels, this will fit most 4×4’s Jimnys / Discoverys etc,Size wise its 3”, this will stretch up to 3.2” or just under so 2.6” inches.

Can be faced forwards or backwards

These snorkels tops are designed so any water going into the head while driving at speed can exit the snorkel top before going down the snorkel. This is done by the moulding / shape of the snorkel top, once the clip is tightened up the tube inside the top is higher than the exit points at the base of the snorkel top. the grooves in the base allow water to pass.

We do have the larger bore snorkel top that’s 3.5”.

They fit perfect and look stunning,

Very strong and well made. Sold more than 150 of this make snorkels in the last few weeks, don’t take my word for it check my feed back see what everyone else thinks of them,

these are a great quality and fantastic looking snorkel tops, see them fitted on my other items

easy to install

What you get

The snorkel top


if ordered before 11am this will be collected the same day.

We also stock many other snorkels for other 4×4

Discovery 1


Nissan pathfinder

etc etc

please see other items.

Brand New

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If for any reason you wish to return the snorkel top , I will happily give you a full refund, once I receive it back.

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